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Kynn Escalante

Founded in 2001, We Move Tucson is a professional real-estate boutique focused on developing long-term relationships with homeowners who want expert advice on making the best real-estate decisions.

Through our trained team of real-estate specialists, our professional partners, and family support, we provide superior customer service to meet confidently the needs of our clients.

We pride ourselves as being a referral-centered business where many of our clients have bought and sold several homes with us over the last 20+ years. We are confident that we will become your REALTORS® for a lifetime.

What does “complete relocations” cover?

Kynn: It covers everything from the interview trip (when interviewing for a job in Tucson), working with the families, getting them oriented into replacing their lifestyle here in Tucson… We help them finding schools, rental properties, assisting with the moving of household goods… The relationship begins for us actually after the sale!

Can you tell us a couple of stories where you saved the day?

Kynn: I remember one time driving a lady through Texas, and she told me to pull over and said “I need to tell you something… I have 17 cats and 5 dogs, and I want a ranch!” And we did it! She’s still one of my dearest friends and we affectionately call her the ‘Catwoman’… But we always do get challenges and I think that’s what makes it fun for us, to try to fit in with the family and their needs.

We had clients that came in (Tucson). We found a rental place for them. They got here and it wasn’t at all what they had expected. So Kynn and I are searching at the last minute… They have a young dog, 2 children.. and we were able to find them something on the whim, the same day, that they were able to rent the same week-end!

So again, they were really appreciative about us being able to find them more what they were looking for.. The first rental didn’t work out, so we are always kind of going on the whim, trying to put our clients first and really putting ourselves in their position and asking ourselves how would we want someone to take care of us.

When someone wants to contact you, what do you ask them to share with you so the process is efficient?

Kynn: Besides the basic information, our thing is tell us your story. What is important to you? What is important for your family? That’s the ultimate goal for us. We want to get to know you, your family, what’s crucial to you, what you want. We’re more than about just helping you find a house; we want to help you find a home where you can create memories with your family, your loved ones. Like I said, our relationship really starts with you throughout the process and does not end at the end of the transaction. Many of our clients have been clients for years. Our goal is to become your Realtor® for a lifetime.

What are the most common problems solved by WeMoveTucson?

Kynn: I think one of the biggest components that come in is value (value of the property to be sold or purchased). People want to know right off the bat what can they get for their property or what home is valuable to purchase. So we go in, and we do a complimentary home assessment to give you a realistic value that not only meets the goal of you selling your home but also takes into consideration the financial objectives of the client. And when it comes to buying, we do a comprehensive market analysis and look at the potential growth of that area of interest for them… We really make sure to cater it so that we ensure we meet the client’s need above anything else.

On average, how long does it take you to find the right home for your clients and help them move in?

Kynn: I’d say, on average, it could be anywhere from a 5-day process coming in and searching for a home… but I have had clients which whom it took well over a year to look around and shop for that right home. There really isn’t an average: it depends on the individuals, their needs and their goals. And that’s what we always keep first and foremost.

One last word of advice?

Kynn: I love living in Tucson. It presents so many opportunities.. It’s a great community. The people here are very warm and welcoming… And there is a lot of growth potential. I think that we are probably gonna be one of the areas of the country that sees the most growth potential in the next five to ten years. So it’s a very exciting time to be in real-estate in Tucson.

So what sets us apart from the rest?

We believe in being part of the solution, not the problem

We listen to our client's needs, wants and goals and create a realistic plan to attain these goals

We provide clients with expert advice to empower them to make the best decisions for their individual needs and wants

We individualize marketing plans incorporating our client's ideas into the buying and selling process

We have an in-depth knowledge of the Tucson market, economic trends, and real estate process

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